Product return and replacement – Withdrawal right

The Customer is entitled, within 30 (thirty) days of date of delivery of the Order, to:

- request replacement of a Product with another item of the same Product with a different color or size; or

- withdraw from the Contract without any penalty and without having to provide any reason: “Withdrawal".

The date of delivery of the Products used to check compliance with the above-mentioned deadline is the date stated by the delivery tracking system provided by the carrier on its own website.

The Customer, when he decides to request replacement of Products or to exercise his/her Withdrawal right, must first notify his/her wishes to 3.0 Fashion using one of the following ways of notification: for registered Customers: by activating the specific Return procedure in the “Orders” section in the “Your Page” area of this Website; or for unregistered Customers: by activating the appropriate procedure after tracing the relevant Order in the “Orders and Returns” section on the main Website menu; for both: by contacting the Customer Service using the electronic form (section: “Contact Us”) or by sending an email to:

For more detailed information consult the “returns procedure” section on the Website.

Whenever the Customer decides to contact the Customer Service for Returns he/she must specify the unique identification code of the Order that can be found on the Order Confirmation. Returns are only possible on Orders that the carrier’s tracking system specified have already been delivered to the Customer. The return or replacement form shall be filled out in advance by the Seller.

The Customer has to check the correctness of the data stated in the form and, in any case, make sure that the notification has the unique identification code of the Order and any request to replace the Product with another item of the same Product with a different color and/or size. The Customer may specify the reason for the return and make notes in the return or replacement form (e.g. specifying any defects found). Upon receiving notification 3.0 Fashion shall send the Customer by email confirmation of receipt of the Withdrawal or Replacement request, including authorization for return shipment of the Products ("Authorization").

This Authorization may be anyway denied should 3.0 Fashion discover that the conditions for Withdrawal or replacement no longer exist, e.g. because more than 30 (thirty) days have elapsed from the date of delivery of the Products to the Customer. The Customer, to book Products collection for return shipment, may only contact the carrier that is specified by 3.0 Fashion in the return form and/or the Authorization form. The Customer must affix the label provided by email by 3.0 Fashion on the relevant package. It is mandatory for the Customer to deliver the Products to the carrier for return shipment to 3.0 Fashion within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the Authorization.

Specifically: returned Products must be complete with every label, security seal, packaging and accessory (case, coat hanger, cover, etc.) received with the Order Products, labels, security seals, packaging and accessories must not show any sign of usage nor scratches nor be altered in any way (worn, washed, ironed, etc.) and must be returned in the same condition in which they were shipped by the Seller and in their original “Dismero” inner package

The purchase Price and shipping Expenses shall not be refunded in case of:

- Products where the security seal has been removed or cut;
- and/or Products that have been used, are incomplete (in particular, in case of missing parts or accessories), ruined, damaged, spoiled or dirty.

Any signs of use on the soles of footwear that is returned will impair Product refund or replacement.

Products returned without the “Dismero” inner packaging. The Customer shall be the sole party liable for any decrease in the value of the Products resulting from handling that was different from the handling required to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the Products. The Seller, once it has checked the prerequisites for replacement of the Product or for exercise of the right of Withdrawal, shall notify the Customer of return acceptance and shall proceed to replace the Product or, in the case of Withdrawal, to refund the purchase Price and any shipping Expenses borne by the Customer ("Refund").

Provided that the Customer has correctly followed this procedure then the Return shipping costs shall be paid entirely by the Seller. The Seller undertakes to carry out the Refund procedure described above within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of receipt of the returned Products. The Refund shall take place using the same means of payment as the Customer used to pay for the Order.

The Customer, again complying with the above-described Withdrawal terms, may return Products purchased on the Website to one of the Dismero brand Boutiques specified on the Website, either personally or deputing another person to do so. In this case the Customer has to complete the online return procedure on the Website as previously described, choosing, as return procedure, to return to a Boutique and selecting one of the Boutiques specified on the Website.

The Customer, to return to a Boutique, must be provided with: 1. a copy of the purchase Document; 2. a copy of the Authorization; 3. an original copy of his/her own identity document valid and recognized in the territory where the Boutique is located. 3.0 Fashion may not recognize any withdrawal right should the Customer return Products without having the prerequisites for Withdrawal. In this case the Seller shall return the Product to the Customer, after checking his/her willingness in this regard, reserving the right to charge any subsequent shipping costs to the Customer. The Seller, afterseveral withdrawals and returns by a Customer, reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept Orders coming from that same Customer.

Customers have to send Products for return from the same country to which the Products were delivered.